HomenewsData Carpentry for cutting-edge research published

Data Carpentry for cutting-edge research published

Quality training in computational skills for Life Scientists is essential to allow them to deliver robust, reproducible and cutting-edge research. To that end, Elixir has started a pilot project to promote the relevant skills and to train new instructors. The experiences have recently been published as an opinion article in F1000Research.

As a result of the pilot, around 300 scientists from 13 European countries have received Software and Data Carpentry training or instructor training. Data Carpentry instructor Philip Lijnzaad (Princess Máxima Center) helped organize the Utrecht Hackathon and workshops.

The pilot consisted of

  • two hackathons where open source course material is developed collaboratively by domain experts;
  • six intensive two-day hands-on workshops that make use of this and previously developed courses, and lastly;
  • three instructor training courses, where instructors are taught the Software Carpentry and Data Carpentry methodology.

The UMC Utrecht hosted a Data Carpentry hackathon followed by a Data Carpentry course. These events were co-organized by UMC Utrecht, the Netherlands eScience center and ELIXIR-NL/DTLS.

Read the publication in F1000Research