Title Scientific programmer/bioinformatician
Location Utrecht
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The candidate will be part of both the Kemmeren group at the Princess Máxima Center as well as the Koster group at the AMC. The Kemmeren group uses bioinformatics and systems biology to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying genetic interactions in relation to cellular processes and complex human diseases.We also have extensive experience with setting up and coordinating bioinformatics infrastructures such as High-Performance Computing, workflow management systems and data sharing and collaboration facilities. The Koster group uses bioinformatics to gain insights from all kinds of omics data, with a focus in the domain of pediatric solid tumors. We have extensive experience in creating data mining solutions that can be used by biomedical researchers with limited bioinformatics skills, such as the R2 genomics analysis and visualization platform (r2platform.com).


As part of the research conducted at the Princess Máxima Center, Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data is collected for individual patients, organoids, cell lines and model systems and stored within a centrally managed LIMS system and data warehouse. This NGS genomics platform is part of an integrated research infrastructure currently being developed at the Princess Máxima Center. This project focuses on the development, implementation and use of the NGS genomics platform and integration with the existing R2 platform developed at the Koster group. The web-based R2 platform provides a rich set of inter connected tools that help biomedical researchers to analyze, hypothesize and visualize all kinds of omics data sets in a user friendly way. The system will incorporate various kinds of NGS data, including DNA-seq, RNA-seq and ChIP-seq, using either bulk sequencing as well as single-cell sequencing technologies and will allow investigation of individual samples, entire patient cohorts as well as cross-tumor pan analyses.

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For more information please contact Dr. Patrick Kemmeren (p.kemmeren@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl). Please send your application letter and resume to Sander van der Straten, HR advisor, via solliciteren@prinsesmaximacentrum.nl.

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