Throwback on the 7th UBC symposium



Our annual symposium took place on April 13, 2022 at the Gasthuis Leeuwenbergh in Utrecht. It was a long-awaited symposium, postponed twice due to enforced sanitary measures to limit the spread of covid. But it was a very warm and open congress with a lot of novelties, starting with the new PIs who joined our partner institutes during the corona-time and could introduce themselves for the first time to our community. It was also the first time we organized a poster session with digital poster boards, something that is likely to be repeated in the future as it boosted the creativity of some presenters. It was also the first time we welcomed Prof. Dr. Bas Dutilh as a visiting researcher, now that he started his chair in Viral Ecology and Omics Group at the Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, Germany. At last, we closed the ceremony by introducing the bioinformatics timeline initiative with you all, something we believe holds an educational added value and could become a community project. Do not forget to contribute to it (link here or QR code below) and let us know if you want to invest some time in the web design of this timeline.

The executive board of the UBC would like to thank our speakers, poster presenters, and all participants who contributed to the success of this edition.

You can find below some pictures of the events taken by the multi-talented Dr. Bas van Breukelen. Please note that loading the photos can take a while. The photos can also be viewed HERE (opens a new window)