12 students start in Master’s profile Bioinformatics

12 students start in Master’s profile Bioinformatics

Twelve Master’s students participate in the new Master’s profile Bioinformatics. Why did these Life Science students choose for this profile?

The group of students in Life Sciences have a diverse background. Their home countries vary as much as their Master’s programme. The majority of students in the Master’s profile Bioinformatics are enrolled in the Molecular and Cellular Life Science programme. Students from other Master’s programmes, such as Drug Innovation, Toxicology and Environmental Health, Biology of Disease and Cancer and Stem Cell Disease do also participate. Some of the students tell us why they did join the Master’s profile Bioinformatics.

Preparing for the future
Christina Papastolopoulou: “The Bioinformatics profile gives the opportunity to all future scientists to learn how to use informatics in order to deal with several aspects of research in their future career and be at the cutting edge of science.”

Nik de Geus: “I’ve chosen the Bioinformatics profile to prepare myself for the ever-growing amount of data that are being produced in the life sciences. To be able to do useful thing with all this data, bioinformatics is indispensable”.

Ángela Sedeño Cacciatore: “Being interested in the complexity of gene expression I soon realized that having the pieces of the puzzle is not enough when you cannot see the bigger picture. With this profile, I hope to both use and understand bioinformatics to help me solve this puzzle.”

Annelies Bos: “I think programming and computer driven data-analysis becomes more and more important in the life sciences because of the large amounts of generated data. In future research, handling such large datasets will be an essential skill.”