Bioinformatics Infrastructure at Utrecht Science Park

World class, leading bioinformatics requires large compute, storage and network infrastructures. Without access to proper compute and storage infrastructures, bioinformatics analyses are impaired and research is seriously hampered. The UBC has set as a goal to realise or facilitate in setting up and coordinating the appropriate bioinformatics infrastructures for the Utrecht campus.

We coordinate a High Performance Compute (HPC) facility for all Life Science researchers at Utrecht Science Park. Supported by funding from both UMC Utrecht and Utrecht University, we provide access to over twenty different research groups from UMC Utrecht, Utrecht UniversityHubrecht Institute and Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology. For more information about the current HPC facility, see the HPC facility wiki or contact Patrick Kemmeren.

Besides coordinating a HPC facility, we are also actively investigating new possibilities and coordinating activities aimed at providing better storage and network infrastructure. Many of these activities are done in close collaboration with the IT departments from Utrecht University, UMC Utrecht, Hubrecht institute and Princess Máxima Center as well as with research groups involved.