AI and Bioinformatics

Sanne Abeln

Our Research

In our group we focus on developing AI technology to gain understanding of biological systems from high throughput measurements.

In order to achieve this, we develop and use a wide range of computational technology, including:
– Explainable AI
– Simulations of biological systems
– Bioinformatics workflows
– Multi-omics integration techniques, combining different types of measurements.
– Pathway analysis

We work on various biological problems, including:
– The impact of genomics alterations in cancer
– Mechanisms of protein aggregation
– Finding novel biomarkers for neurodegenerative disease
– Unravelling plant-microbiome interactions.

Research Group

Sanne Abeln
Group name: AI Technology for Life
Research field: AI and Bioinformatics
Genomics, Biomarker, Data Integration, Machine Learning, Network Analysis, Proteogenomics, Structural Biology, Transcriptomics
Department: Information and Computing Sciences, Biology


Princetonplein 5
3584 CC
Office: BBG 4.80
Building: Buys Ballot Building