Utrecht Bioinformatics Center


The Utrecht Bioinformatics Center performs life science research using big data analysis on DNA, genes, proteins and cells. By integrating data from various sources, we develop innovative methods that are at the foundation of solving of important problems in cancer genomics and molecular evolution. The UBC fosters and promotes the bioinformatics community at Utrecht Science Park.


Our community brings together a large number of internationally leading research groups with a strong bioinformatics component within Utrecht University, University Medical Center Utrecht, Hubrecht Institute and Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology. We share expertise and discuss scientific ideas to realise projects ranging from understanding the worldwide difference in the human genome to discovering new viruses.


The UBC coordinates bioinformatics education activities at Utrecht Science Park including internships, summer schools, as well as bachelor, master and PhD courses. Courses range from general introductory courses to highly specialized courses on evolutionary bioinformatics or advanced data integration.


We coordinate and promote essential infrastructure needed for cutting-edge bioinformatics research, for example a High Performance Computing (HPC) facility. Besides coordinating a HPC facility, we also actively investigate new possibilities and coordinating activities aimed at providing better storage and network infrastructure.