Biomarker Discovery, Machine Learning, Data Science

Alejandro Lopez Rincon

Our Research

Our group is interested in developing algorithms, techniques and mathematical models that can be applied to the medical field and pharmaceutical sciences. Currently, one of the main axes of our research is biomarker discovery, where in collaboration with different research groups from around the world, we developed techniques to tackle reproducibility issues. For this objective, we have developed techniques that involve machine learning like recursive ensemble feature selection, and other based on deep learning with success in omics analysis.

Research Group

Alejandro Lopez Rincon
Group name: Machine Learning Group in Pharmacology / Julius Center
Research field: Biomarker Discovery, Machine Learning, Data Science
Biomarker, Machine Learning
Department: Pharmacology / Utrecht University and Julius Center / UMC Utrecht


Universiteitsweg 99
3584 CG
Building: David de Wied building