BioSB 2018: strong presence of Utrecht Bioinformatics Center


BioSB 2018: strong presence of Utrecht Bioinformatics Center

With three invited lectures, two award winning participants out of five oral presentations and 28 poster presentation from our UBC members, Utrecht Bioinformatics and Computational Biology research groups provided a strong contribution to the scientific conference.

Invited speakers from UBC

The keynote address from Alexander van Oudenaarden on clonal tracking using single-cell sequencing, a breakout session on quantitative immunology organized by Rob de Boer and Aridaman Pandit illustrated the relevance of the vivid research community within Utrecht.

Award winners from UBC

During the award ceremony, Bastiaan von Meijenfeldt from the Dutilh group received the BioSB Oral Presentation Award 2018 for his work on creating a robust taxonomic classification system for microbial sequences and Joske Ubels from the De Ridder group received the BioSB Poster Award 2018 for her work on predicting treatment effect in multiple myeloma.

The 2018 edition of the yearly Dutch Bioinformatics and Systems Biology conference featured a very exciting and packed scientific program with over 400 participants from Dutch universities, academic medical centers and companies. All in all, the conference provided to be a very exciting and inspiring event and displayed the world class level of bioinformatics and computational biology research performed in Utrecht.

Next year the BioSB conference will be organized by the VU Medical Center Amsterdam and we of course encourage all bioinformaticians and computational biologists in Utrecht to join the conference again!