BioSB2019 conference and YoungCB PhD retreat

With three renowned keynote speakers, Mustafa Kammash, Michal Linial and Eran Segal talking about control theory, evolution of translational control and personalized treatment using microbiome data, the BioSB conference provided a glimpse on international developments in bioinformatics and systems biology.

With over twenty posters, eight selected and invited talks and the best BioSB2019 poster prize for Jayne Hehir-Kwa, the research groups from Utrecht Bioinformatics Center had a strong and clear presence at the BioSB2019 conference.

Breakout session on Education

Adrien Melquiond at BioSB2019

Adrien Melquiond at BioSB2019

In the Education breakout session Adrien Melquiond shared the UBC vision on teaching and the challenge of data processing in Life Sciences. To us, the only sustainable solution is that every life scientist also becomes a data scientist, capable of handling the entire data life cycle, from experiments to processing and extraction of signal, and finally their analysis. To overcome current bottlenecks we need tailored solutions and year-round support from local experts in the field. Adrien presented the computing resources UBC is using and a short demo. This set-up raised a lot of interest from our ELIXIR partners and triggered rich discussions with other Universities that are facing similar challenges.

Translational bioinformatics

The PhD retreat had translational bioinformatics as a theme and featured dr. Anna-Lena Lamprecht and dr. Alessio Marcozzi as speakers from Utrecht as well as dr. Joana Goncalves from Delft. Preceding the BioSB2019 conference, YoungCB organized this yearly PhD retreat. YoungCB is the organization of PhD students within bioinformatics and/or systems biology.

On the 2nd and 3rd of April, the BioSB conference took place in Lunteren. With over 370 bioinformaticians, system biologists, data scientists and participants from industry, the conference provided a fantastic opportunity to hear about the latest developments at academic institutes in The Netherlands, meet with fellow scientists and hear great bioinformatics and systems biology talks.


Next year, the BioSB2020 conference will be on April 21-22 and will be organized by Utrecht Bioinformatics Center, so mark your calendar for another great conference.