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NSMB Fall Meeting

The NSBM cordially invites all who interested to visit its Fall Meeting, November 29th 2017.   Application procedure Participants should send an email to register (required but free registration) to:g.nicolaes@maastrichtuniversity.nl Submission of an abstract is required if you want to present a poster. Indicate in your email if you want be selected for
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UBC Expertise – Proteomics

Professor Albert Heck leads the Proteomics and Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry research group at Utrecht University. Albert is well known as a member of the KNAW, and was recently presented with the prestigious Spinoza prize. Prof. Heck is founder of the Netherlands Proteomics Center, serving as its Scientific Director, as well
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Successful HADDOCK workshop: new online tutorial about cross-linking data from Mass Spectrometry

The HADDOCK team gave a two days workshop in Saudi Arabia, consisting of lectures and hands-on computer tutorials using their online educational resources and HADDOCK web portal. Sharing knowledge The participants to the workshop learned about the challenges associated with the modeling of biomolecular complexes and what HADDOCK can offer to solve their specific research questions.
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