Chromatin and Genome Biology

Stefan Prekovic

Our Research

The focus of our research is on the relationship of transcription factors and their target-genes and how this can generate diverse cellular states and therefore contribute to cancer cell heterogeneity. Particularly, our research lines aim to shed light on (1) the reprogramming of chromatin-related factors in relation to lineage plasticity; (2) transcription factor structure-function in locus-specific gene regulation and genome biology; and (3) cancer cell heterogeneity on single-cell level. To explore these the lab integrates various structural, omics, and computational approaches.

Research Group

Stefan Prekovic
Group name: Prekovic Lab
Research field: Chromatin and Genome Biology
Genome Biology
Department: Centre for Molecular Medicine / University Medical Center Utrecht


Universiteitsweg 100
3584 CG
Office: STR.2.213
Building: Stratenum