New publications on Fungal Physiology and bioinformatics


New publications on Fungal Physiology and bioinformatics

Over the past half year, Professor Ronald de Vries and co-workers have published 10 papers with a strong bioinformatics component in the field of Fungal Physiology. The results are highly relevant for both our fundamental understanding of this process as well as for the improvement of biotechnology applications based on plant biomass.

The research includes genome analysis, construction of genome-based metabolic models, transcriptome studies, and proteome studies to understand the response of fungi to different plant biomass substrates. All studies are based on significant amounts of experimental data to support the bioinformatic analysis and contribute to a major research focus of the De Vries group: understanding the degradation of plant biomass and metabolic conversion of the released monomers by fungi.

List of publications

Professor Ronald de Vries is the Fungal Physiology group leader at the Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute. He is also Professor in Fungal Molecular Physiology at Utrecht University and visiting Professor at the University of Helsinki (Finland).