HPC facility: kickoff event

HPC facility: kickoff event

The High Performance Computing facility aims to provide high-performance computing power to all Life Scientists at Utrecht Science Park.

Funding for new developments

Recent funding and commitments by Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht made it possible to enlarge the HPC facility, enabling the Utrecht Bioinformatics Center to offer a computational infrastructure to all Life Scientists at Utrecht Science Park. The funding stresses the importance of computational power for state-of-the-art Life Science research.
To celebrate the new funding that makes more new developments possible, and to thank all the people involved, we organised an HPC kickoff event on 13 April. Patrick Kemmeren, coordinator of the HPC facility, highlighted the technical improvements that have been made and the possibilities for computational access. Gerrit van Meer, Dean of the Faculty of Science, and Harry Pijl, staff member of the Board of Directors of UMC Utrecht, both indicated the great importance of large bioinformatics infrastructures such as the HPC facility for Life Science research in Utrecht.
After this, drinks and a lively interaction and discussion followed, which made the event very successful.

Benefit from our computing and storage resources

The HPC facility offers computing and storage resources to almost 30 different research groups at Utrecht Science Park. Last year, we realised several technological innovations that resulted in a state-of-the-art HPC cluster with 1,500 cores, 10Gb/s interconnects and 600TB of fast storage.

More information about the HPC facility:

Contact: p.kemmeren@umcutrecht.nl
Website: http://hpcwiki.op.umcutrecht.nl