In-Person UBC seminar(16:00Mar6)@NPC room, Kruyt building O622, UU

In-Person UBC seminar(16:00Mar6)@NPC room, Kruyt building O622, UU

On Monday, March 6 at 16:00, Dr. Marcel van Verk, a former colleague from the Plant-Microbe Interactions group at UU, is returning to the UBC to present his work at KeyGene, a plant research company that develops and applies technology innovation for crop improvement.

Just come without registration. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about Bioinformatics outside academia and to catch up with other UBCers with drinks!

Leveraging data science for transformative technology innovations in crop improvement

The life science domain thrives in a rapidly evolving landscape of tools and data types. Most of these data science solutions are slow, poor in memory usage and have been designed with specific constrains in mind. This makes their application a challenge in a domain where complex, highly heterozygous and polyploidy species are the norm. In this seminar session you will learn about KeyGene’s journey of bringing extensive, in-house developed data science solutions, together with data query and visualization capabilities to our shareholders and clients. Topics that will be highlighted are: genomics (reference genomes, multiple sequence alignments, pan-genomics), data handling (real-time querying and visualization of TBs of data) as well as deep learning (digital phenotyping, protein-protein interactions, generative protein design).

There will be a 35-min presentation followed by a 15-min in-depth discussion.

Speaker overview
Marcel van Verk (1980) is Team Leader Crop Data Science at KeyGene. He has a background in experimental plant sciences and specialized in bioinformatics early on in his career. Within KeyGene he manages, initiates and realizes highly innovative and strategic data science research programs and applied projects. Within these projects he provides technical leadership in data integration and building predictive and practical solutions in the analysis of complex, high-dimensional datasets. His team is very broadly educated ranging from data scientists , physicists up to web developers. Together with his team he delivers artificial intelligence and data visualization solutions to plant scientists and other partners of KeyGene.