Introduction to the Utrecht Bioinformatics Center

Introduction to the Utrecht Bioinformatics Center

Dear colleague,

Despite the long and prosperous history of Bioinformatics in Utrecht, it took a while to embed Bioinformatics within Utrecht Science Park. In 2014, we were awarded a focus grant to found the Utrecht Bioinformatics Center (UBC). Since its inception, we have made significant progress in strengthening and promoting bioinformatics research.

At UBC, our activities revolve around three pillars.

  1. Community building: we foster and promote the bioinformatics community, as bioinformatics is an essential skill for next-generation life science research.
  2. Infrastructure: we coordinate and promote essential infrastructure needed for cutting-edge bioinformatics research, such as High Performance Computing.
  3. Education: we provide bioinformatics education to students and life scientists to ensure that they possess the essential data skills needed for research.

So a lot is happening at the Utrecht Bioinformatics Center, and we are always looking for new opportunities to reach out to researchers. To that end, and to keep all of interested colleagues up-to-date on what UBC is doing, we have created this newsletter. Hopefully it will provide a swift and simple platform to promote and strengthen the bioinformatics community!

Best wishes and thanks for reading our first newsletter,

Berend Snel