Microbiomics and genomics of zoonotic pathogens

Aldert Zomer

Our Research

Disease causing bacteria can move freely between animals and humans via food, direct contact and the environment. We use DNA sequencing and computational tools to track how, when and where these bacteria have transmitted and if they carry genes that code for virulence factors, resistance to antibiotics or other traits that increase their fitness.

We also investigate the effects of disease and treatment on all micro-organisms carried by animals as a whole, the microbiome. By targeted sequencing of marker genes (16S rRNA) we can see what bacteria are there and by sequencing all DNA of a bacterial community (shotgun metagenomics) we can see what they can do by examining the encoded functions and pathways.

We work together with computational scientists and wet lab scientists, with farm owners and pet owners, with clinicians, both human and veterinary. Using a ‘One Health’ approach we improve food safety policies, antimicrobial treatment, and prevent transmission of bacterial zoonotic pathogens.

Research Group

Aldert Zomer
Aldert Zomer
Group name: Zomer group
Research field: Microbiomics and genomics of zoonotic pathogens
Genomics, Machine Learning
Department: Infectious Diseases and Immunology


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