Mini symposium in honour of inauguration of Berend Snel

Mini symposium in honour of inauguration of Berend Snel

On October 9, Berend Snel will give his inaugural lecture as newly appointed professor in Bioinformatics at Utrecht University. For this occasion, a symposium will be held prior to this inaugural lecture. More details on the program are listed below. If you are interested in attending this symposium (free entrance), please send an email to Jolien van Hooff ( to register.


Hidden stories in DNA: how bioinformatics tracks evolution and function

Date: Friday October 9, 2015
Time: 09.15 – 15.15 pm
Venue: Museum Catharijneconvent
Address: Lange Nieuwstraat 38, Utrecht

Full program:

  • 09.15: coffee and tea
  • 09.30: welcome by Bas Dutilh (Utrecht University)
  • 09.45: Martijn Huynen (Radboud University Medical Centre, The Netherlands)
    Cilia: from evolution to function
  • 10.30: Like Fokkens (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
    Is it lonely at the top? Genotype-phenotype maps on different scales
  • 11.00: coffee and tea
  • 11.30: Toni Gabaldón (Centre for Genomic Regulation, Spain)
    Evolution of eukaryotic genomes by copy and paste
  • 12.15: Michael Seidl (Wageningen University, The Netherlands)
    Mind the gap: Lessons from complete fungal genomes
  • 12.45: lunch
  • 13.45: Geert Kops (Hubrecht Institute, The Netherlands)
    Evolution-guided cell biology of the spindle assembly checkpoint
  • 14.30: Thijs Ettema (Uppsala University, Sweden)
    Of Asgardian gods and eukaryotic origins

The inaugural lecture of Berend Snel will take place in the Aula of the Academiegebouw (Domplein 29, Utrecht) and starts at 16.15.