MoBrain collaboration: an SLA for better research


MoBrain collaboration: an SLA for better research

The EGI Foundation announced an agreement between a group of EGI resource centres and the MoBrain research collaboration.

Thanks to the agreement, MoBrain will be able to access the High-Throughput Computing and File Storage services they need for their research.

The main objective of the MoBrain competence centre, led by Prof. Alexandre Bonvin (Utrecht Bioinformatics Center, Utrecht University), is to lower barriers for scientists to access modern e-Science solutions from micro to macro scales.
The MoBrain collaboration relies on the existing expertise available within the WeNMR and N4U projects and technology providers (NGIs and other institutions).

The resource centres involved in the agreement that will be valid for at least one year are:

TW-NCHC (Taiwan)
SURFsara (The Netherlands)
NCG-INGRID-PT (Portugal)
NIKHEF (The Netherlands)
CESNET-MetaCloud (Czech Republic)

In total the 7 resource centres have pledged 75 million hours of computing time and more than 50 TB storage capacity.

Alexandre Bonvin, Professor at Utrecht University and a representative of the MoBrain consortium, comments on the collaboration: “It is really nice to see that sites such as NIHKEF, SURFSara and INFN-PADOVA, which have always strongly supported us, are renewing their vows and that news sites are joining in this marriage. Such commitments are key to successfully serving our communities.”