Kevin Kenna

Our Research

We work with partners in academia, health-care, industry and patient groups to help realize the potential of genomic medicine in neurological disorders. Our primary focus is amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a devastating neurodegenerative disease that causes progressive paralysis, muscle wasting and death (lifetime risk ~ 1/350).
Our work integrates petabytes of data from global DNA sequencing efforts with experimental readouts from analyses of patient tissue and disease models (transcriptomics, epigenomics…).
We employ a wide variety of computational techniques, including our own adaptations of traditional bioinformatic methods and recent advances in AI / machine learning.
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Research Group

Kevin Kenna
Group name: Kenna Lab
Research field: Neurogenetics
Genomics, Data Integration, Machine Learning
Department: UMCU Brain Centre


Universiteitsweg 100
3584 CG
Building: Stratenum