New Research Data Management services


New Research Data Management services

FAIR data? ORCID-ID? Metadata? If these terms raise more questions than answers, maybe it’s time to receive an introduction or counselling session about research data management (RDM).

Intro session is now available and bookable

A short and sweet presentation is ready for your consumption and can be extended by a topic of choice: whether it is about Data Management Plans (DMP), a short dive into FAIR data-sets, or any other RDM related topic that burns holes into your mind.

An intro sessions exists of 15 minutes of essential presentation and 45 minutes of additional content or hands-on time to revise your current workflow as well. You can book this RDM intro session  now with the UBC Data Steward Jasmin Böhmer.

Please be in touch via e-mail to book a presentation time and date.
Or watch the presentation that gives you 4 ways to improve your RDM.

Walk in counselling hours

Starting this month there will be monthly walk in counselling hours for data stewardship and RDM related matters. The first counselling hours will take place at the UMC Utrecht, Stratenum on the Second Floor (STR.2.121), on:

  • Tuesday, 23rd April, 1-2pm
  • Wednesday, 22nd May, 3-4pm
  • Tuesday, 25th June, 2-3pm