Research of the Utrecht Bioinformatics Center in short movie

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Research of the Utrecht Bioinformatics Center in short movie

What should people know about the Utrecht Bioinformatics Center?

Examples from Utrecht Bioinformatics research such as metagenomics, cancer diagnostics and predicting protein structures. We are proudly announcing that we now have a short movie about Bioinformatics research in Utrecht. The movie explains why bioinformatics is essential in the big data era and why every life scientist should know about this and the relationship with UBC.

The movie features the mentioned examples, beautiful animations and a strong narrative. We think this is a great movie highlighting the essence of bioinformatics and why you should join our efforts at UBC. We will use this movie to show to students, external researchers and policy makers what bioinformatics in Utrecht means and hope that you will also share and use this movie to promote our community efforts.

Initiated five years ago, the Utrecht Bioinformatics Center was setup to promote, expose and share bioinformatics expertise and research at the Utrecht Science Park. The Executive Board and support staff are continuously looking for opportunities and new ways of doing this, ranging from a yearly symposium, monthly seminars, newsletters, website and social media. Please, do contact us for any suggestions.

Watch and share the UBC movie now!

Best regards,
Berend Snel, Patrick Kemmeren and Jeroen de Ridder