Two new advanced Bioinformatics courses

For all PhD candidates and Master students in Life Sciences we developed two new courses in Bioinformatics. The new courses are about Microbial Genomics and Data Analytics and Algorithms for Omics Data.

Microbial Genomics
On April 3rd we will start with the Microbial Genomics course, coordinated by Bas Dutilh. In this course the focus is on Genome data of individual microbes and microbial communities (metagenomics).

Data Analytics and Algorithms for Omics Data
The course on Data Analytics and Algorithms for Omics Data, coordinated by Jeroen de Ridder, starts on 18 June. Participants will learn to understand and design data analytic methods for interpretation of genome-wide biological data (i.e. Omics data).

Interested? Please contact Bas van Breukelen (coördinator Bioinformatics profile)

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