UBC Webinar(16:00Nov6) “Learning the language of adaptive immune recognition”

UBC Webinar(16:00Nov6) “Learning the language of adaptive immune recognition”

On Monday, November 6 at 16:00, Dr. Alex Yermanos from the Center for Translational Immunology, UMCU will share his most recent bioinformatics related research.


Learning the language of adaptive immune recognition

Immune repertoires represent a diverse collection of B and T cells which enable the recognition of a seemingly infinite number of molecular structures. Advances in deep sequencing, microfluidics, and bioinformatics are allowing us to investigate and quantify the incredibly complex and personalized nature of adaptive immune responses. I will share how immune repertoire sequencing can be used to computationally profile adaptive immune responses at single-cell resolution, to discover therapeutically relevant antibodies, and to predict features of adaptive immune recognition. Together, this fundamental and translational investigation into the language of the adaptive immune system holds the potential to improve the in silico design and discovery of adaptive immune therapeutics.

There will be a 35-min presentation followed by a 15-min in-depth discussion.

Speaker overview

Dr. Alex Yermanos is an Assistant Professor in Computational Immunology, University Medical Center Utrecht Utrecht (UMCU) and group member of the Laboratory for Systems and Synthetic Immunology, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich (ETH). His group at the Center for Translational Immunology (UMCU) aims to integrate experimental and computational principles of immunology to understand, predict, and engineer adaptive immune recognition in preclinical and clinical settings such as infection, vaccination and disease. This includes developing immunoinformatics software and machine learning algorithms, high-dimensional profiling of adaptive immune repertoires, and designing computationally-guided therapeutics.    

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