5th anniversary: UBC is relevant and important

5th anniversary: UBC is relevant and important

We celebrated the metaphoric birthday of the Utrecht Bioinformatics Center with our 5th UBC symposium. During the symposium bioinformatic research in life sciences was displayed from medical sciences to evolution of ancient protein complexes. In scientific perspective, we want to highlight the excellent talks by young PhD candidates who showcased how different clever computational approaches uncovered hidden patterns in mutations in cancer, efficiency of drugs and dangerous viruses in our sewage.

Another notable highlight was the duo presentation by the former and current dean of the Faculty of Science. They both emphasized the importance and success of organizing a bioinformatics community. We received a warm thank you from former dean Gerrit van Meer, followed by an enthusiastic welcome by the new dean Isabel Arends. A more extended report of the symposium is available on our website.

For this introduction, we would like to thank everybody in the community for making our Utrecht Bioinformatics Center a success and showing everybody that UBC is a healthy and dynamic group of enthusiastic researchers.

Best wishes,

Berend Snel, Jeroen de Ridder and Patrick Kemmeren