Utrecht Bioinformatics Community

Utrecht houses bioinformatics expertise at a world class level for widely different biological and data domains. We combine this expertise with scientific Life Science researchers within our community. We do so, in order to create novel expertise and new approaches to perform integrative bioinformatics as well as to enable scientific breakthroughs in a wide variety of relevant Life Sciences. Utrecht Bioinformatics Center (UBC) exists to unify the separate bioinformatic teams into an integrative bioinformatics community at Utrecht Science Park and to strengthen our future research.

Succesfull research proposals

In cooperation and by sharing ideas, UBC community members are successfully earning subsidies for promising research projects to realise a scientific breakthrough. Some highlights are:

Meet the community

The monthly seminars on general bioinformatics and the different expertise topics are open for any bioinformatician. Sometimes guest-speakers share their knowledge as well as users of our HPC facility do. Check our calendar for data and time and come to meet us in an informal setting.

Fields of expertise