Wandering in the virosphere


The detailed knowledge we have of a small number of viruses conceals the fact that we know nothing or hardly anything about the vast majority of them. More genetic research is needed to map the origin and evolution of viruses Thorough exploration of the viral world has barely begun, says Bas Dutilh in the interview […]

UBC expertise – Computational Immunology


Aridaman Pandit works as Assistant Professor in the Laboratory of Translational Immunology at UMC Utrecht, with the goal of having a direct impact on patients suffering from immunological and viral diseases. What are his main immunological and bioinformatic challenges? Dr. Aridaman Pandit is a Computational Immunologist, and an expert in a unique interdisciplinary field combining […]

Dutilh discusses intestines in KennisCafé Almere (11 January)


Bas E. Dutilh, bioinformatician at Utrecht Bioinformatics Center in Utrecht will participate in this discussion. His research focuses on bacteria-eating virusses in our intestines and their influence on our health. Ed Kuijper, professor medical microbiology at LUMC,  will also join the discussion. His research focuses on possibilities of feces transplantation in the case of diseases. Questions like […]