Students’ opinions about the Bioinformatics Master’s profile

The Bioinformatics profile introduces life science students into techniques and algorithms that are used in bioinformatics. Students learn more advanced bioinformatics skills by doing an internship in UBC research groups. What are the experiences of our first graduates?  Most of the Master’s profile students want to learn how to analyse and leverage the results of […]

Core introduction block bioinformatics and hassle free teaching experience

Hassle free teaching experience We are streamlining our teaching infrastructure by setting up a server that can host our programming environments called CoCalc. In this way, we will be able to offer an environment which will be the same for each and every participant, without the need to setup their own software: a uniform and […]

Improved course Advanced R

We recently improved our Advanced R course for Master’s students and PhD candidates. The course now lasts for one week, …

Bioinformatics Profile for Life Scientists


The analysis of large data sets is now unthinkable without the use of bioinformatics. The goal of the bioinformatics profile is to enable life scientists to better interpret and analyse their data by using appropriate bioinformatics methods. The main and most important part of the profile for Master’s students is a bioinformatics internship, as bioinformatics […]