Title Bioinformatician (Bsc or Msc)
Salary scale 50 or 55
Location PMC Utrecht
Job Information

The Kemmeren group is looking for an enthusiastic, highly motivated bioinformatician who excels in a stimulating, multi-disciplinary research environment.

About the Kemmeren group
The Kemmeren group uses bioinformatics and systems biology to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying genetic interactions in relation to cellular processes and complex human diseases. We have developed a unique combination of expertise in bioinformatics, functional genomics and molecular-genetic interactions. While our focus is on computational aspects, we collaborate intensively with (pediatric) tumor biology groups, thus enabling a truly multidisciplinary approach. Within the group, we currently have an opening for a bioinformatician within a larger Dutch cancer foundation funded project dedicated to unravelling genetic interactions in pediatric cancer.

Research Project
Cancers arise and progress through the acquirement of multiple mutations. Genetic interactions are specific combinations of mutations that have unpredictable phenotypic consequences. Thorough understanding of genetic interactions, their underlying mechanisms and relation to pediatric cancer is crucial for deciphering cancer predisposition, onset and progression as well as for developing precision medicine approaches. Two genetic interaction types are of particular importance for cancer. Detailed understanding of cooperative interactions will aid in elucidating general principles governing cancer onset and progression. Understanding mutually exclusive interactions is pivotal for developing more effective cancer drugs. A detailed molecular understanding of cooperative and mutually exclusive alterations is vital for elucidating general principles underlying these types of genetic interactions in the context of pediatric cancers. We developed a computational framework to detect candidate genetic interactions in pediatric cancer data sets. Using cellular models (cell lines and patient-derived stem cell organoid cultures), we are investigating several of the cooperative and mutually exclusive interactions detected to validate and refine our computational predictions.

The Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology is a research hospital concentrating healthcare, research and education with regard to cancer in children in a single location in Utrecht. The institute aims to provide the highest level of care for all children with cancer and has the ambition to cure all children of cancer and significantly reduce unwanted side effects. The center brings together the best possible care and scientific research, creating a unique interdisciplinary institute for pediatric oncology in Europe.

Tasks and responsibilities
We are looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic bioinformatician, who excels in a stimulating, multi-disciplinary research environment. The candidate will play a significant role in the data analysis as well as further development and implementation of new computational methods in the context of the larger research project. The candidate will work in close collaboration with the computational post-doc already assigned to the research project, as well as with bioinformaticians and laboratory specialists in the Kemmeren group and other research groups involved in this research project.

Specific goals include:

  • Identify genes that act cooperatively or mutually exclusive in individual pediatric cancers as well as across pediatric cancer types.
  • Ascertain which pathways and processes frequently act cooperatively or mutually exclusive in pediatric cancers.
  • Identify which common variants are frequently associated in a cooperative or mutually exclusive manner for different types of pediatric cancer.
  • Propose mechanistic models for cooperative and mutually exclusive interactions in pediatric cancer.

Education and skills
We expect a highly motivated candidate with a bachelor or master in bioinformatics or similar experience in bioinformatics or data science. Excellent technical and programming skills are required, preferably in Linux, R and python. Knowledge of next-generation sequencing, genetics, statistics and large-scale computational infrastructures is also highly preferred. The candidate should have good communication skills, be flexible, versatile and a good team player in a dynamic environment.

We offer
A full-time position (36 hours a week) initially for one year, with the intention to extend for two years as a bioinformatician. You will be working in a very stimulating and cross-disciplinary research environment, combining cutting-edge research with state-of-the-art bioinformatics. Your gross monthly salary will depend on experience and background, starting in scale 50 or 55 depending on experience and education with 8.33% gross monthly salary holiday allowance and 8.33% end-of-year bonus. The Princess Máxima Center operates according to the collective labour agreement ‘cao algemene ziekenhuizen’.

Contact and application
You can apply by pressing the orange ‘Solliciteer direct’ button on this screen.
Application deadline: February 20th 2021. For more information contact Dr. Patrick Kemmeren (

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