Master Bioinformatics and Biocomplexity, Course schedule

Bioinformatics and BioComplexity (BiBC), course schedule

We have opted to offer most of our advanced bioinformatics courses in the first two periods of the academic year. This way you can learn all the theory you need to start an internship efficiently. In 2020 we expect that most courses will be taught mostly online due to all Corona measures that will even affect this academic year. When possible we will startup face to face and classroom lectures!

(FC = Free choice course that can be taken as part of the theoretical phase or Electives)

Period 1: Theoretical (obligatory) courses (Osiris numbers can be found in the table at the end)

  • Sept 1 to 4: Introduction GSLS
  • Sept 7 to Oct 16: (timeslot B/C) Biological Modelling or Bioinformatics and Genomics (depending on your pre-knowledge and after consultation with the coordinator)
  • Sept 7 to Oct 16: (timeslot A/D) Essentials course (BiBC obligatory)
  • Oct 19 to 30: Advanced R (full time, FC)
  • Nov 1 to 6: Advanced Bioinformatics (full time, FC)

Period 2

  • Nov 9 to Feb 5: (Timeslot B/C) Computational Biology (FC)
  • Nov 16 to 20: Advanced comics (full time, FC)
  • Nov 23 to dec 4: Bioinformatics and Evol. Genomics (full time, FC)
  • Dec 7 to 18: Microbial Genomics (full time, FC)
  • Jan 11 to 22 (2021): Cancer Genomics (full time, FC)
  • Jan 25 to feb 5: Structural Bioinformatics (full time, FC)
  • Feb 8 to feb 19: Analytics and Algorithms (full time, FC) Officially this is in period 3

Period 3 and further, start of Major Research Project, Minor, Writing assignment and so on.

Name Osiris
Master level comp Biol: B-MCOBI17
Bioinformatics and Evolutionary genomics B-MBIEG06
Structural Bioinformatics and Modelling SK-MSTBIMO
Advanced R forrthe Life Sciences B-MADR19
Advanced Omics for Life Science BMB502316
Advanced Bioinformatics for Life Sciences BMB502114
Introduction to research data management for the life sciences B-MINRDM
Analytics and Algorithms for Omics data BMB508219
Microbial Genomics B-MCMIGE
Cancer Genomics BMB521219
Introduction to R BMB502219
Introduction Python BMB465019
Introduction to Bioinformatics B-MINBI19
Bioinformatica en Genoom analyse BMW33316
Essentials (Master Cursus) B-MBIOCES
Biological Modelling B-MBIMOD
bioinformatics and genomics B-MBIOGEN
Systems Biology B-B1SYSB09
Data Science & Biology B-B2DSB19
Genes 2 Organisms SK-MCSB